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An Ireland virtual tour is a online experience that allows users to explore the sights and sounds of Ireland from the comfort of their own home.

Your Gateway to exploring Ireland
Introducing Ireland Virtual Tours: Your Gateway to exploring Ireland Greetings from across the pond! As your trusted virtual tour specialists, we're thrilled to offer you and your team an immersive journey through the rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture of Ireland, all from the comfort of your home or office. Experience the magic of Ireland's iconic landmarks, from ancient castles to picturesque coastal vistas, with our engaging virtual tours. Led by myself a knowledgeable local guide, each tour is a dynamic exploration of Ireland's heritage, with live commentary that brings historic events to life. But that's not all – I specialize in team-building experiences that foster collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among your staff.
Interactive activities are designed to inspire and engage. Best of all, no fancy gizmos or tech wizardry required – just you, your team, a screen, and a sense of adventure!
So why not swap the concrete jungle for Irelands lush green landscapes
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Join me David as I show you Ireland from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere. No fancy gizmos required just a computer, laptop, tablet/ipad or mobile phone.
I was a coach/driver guide and conducted tours all over Ireland since 1996. I enjoyed every tour and love this beautiful country. The scenery and the people makes Ireland great.
Since July 2019, after a chat with a friend in the USA, I have been showing Ireland virtually. Larry asked, why I don't do a virtual tour of Ireland and then Ireland Virtual Tours was born. 

Why Book a Virtual Tour of Ireland

You see Ireland before you book your Trip, thus enhancing your itinerary


Ireland tips and planning

I give many tips for trips to Ireland, like where to go and where to stay.


Your Itinerary discussed

I have private sessions for you and your family/group that are planning a trip to Ireland


Company & Team Events

I specialize in company and work team events. They are great craic (Irish word for fun)


Social Groups

Many social groups have joined me in my Ireland Virtual Tours zoom room for their occasions over the past few years

Rathgall Hillfort, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
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  • Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland

Ireland Virtual Tours

The Abbey of Holycross was founded in 1168 by the King of Munster, Domnall Mór Ua Briain. It was assigned to the Cistercian monks from Monasteranenagh, who established a community dedicated to monastic reform and spiritual simplicity, which were the hallmarks of the Cistercian orde

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Welcome to Birr, a Hidden Gem in the Heart of Ireland Birr is not just a town; it’s a portal to the past, meshed seamlessly with vibrant cultural offerings. In this article, we will guide you through exploring Birr's historical castles

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The bogs of Ireland are not only iconic landscapes but also vital ecosystems that play a significant role in the country's natural heritage. These vast expanses of peatland, covering approximately 17% of Ireland's land area

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Killarney, nestled in the scenic County Kerry, Ireland, offers a plethora of visitor attractions and activities for a memorable holiday vacation. Start your day with a visit to Muckross House, a magnificent Victorian mansion set amidst the stunning landscape of Killarney National Park

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Welcome to Ireland, a land of captivating landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. In this concise guide

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Explore the stunning beaches and seaside attractions of County Clare, located on the scenic west coast of Ireland.

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Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Burren with this comprehensive guide to its cave systems and coastal cliffs.

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Maps & Itinerary additions

Live Video with Narration & Stories

Live Presentations & Narration

Ideally a virtual tour last about 1 hour but sometimes depending on the Q&A, it can go on longer at no extra cost to you.
The virtual tour consists of a presentation of images, video and maps with a live human guide filling you in on history, stories and having the Irish Craic (Fun). The virtual tour is interactive always.
No download required. All you do is register by clicking the link emailed to you upon payment and you are ready to go
Yes. Our special is virtual tours for families, work groups, company events, social groups and friends groups. Just click Book a Virtual Tour and click private Virtual Tour
Yes. Our virtual tours are live and interactive. We have fun and share the history, stories, culture and lore of Ireland 
Any amount from 1 to 100 at the moment. If you have more at your company we can always use your company meeting platform. We will be migrating to a larger platform and will cater for up to 300 attendees very soon