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Clonony Castle Up For Sale once taken by Henry VIII and ceded to The Boleyns

I noticed that Clonony Castle is now up for sale. I have visited it in the past with my tours. It is owned by a very pleasant American lady who is now selling it. I decided to put a little history of Clonony here on our blog. Hope you enjoy

Clonony Castle is a 16th century fortified house located in County Offaly, Ireland. The castle has a rich history that spans over several centuries and includes many notable owners, including the Boleyn sisters.

There are differing accounts of the history of Clonony Castle and the Boleyn family's connection to it. Some sources suggest that the castle was originally built by the MacCoughlan clan and later passed to the Boleyn family, while others suggest that Thomas Boleyn acquired the castle from John Óg MacCoghlan after it had already been built. The presence of the tombstone on the castle grounds suggests that the Boleyn family did have a connection to the castle and that Mary and Elizabeth Boleyn may have lived there at some point.

Clonony Castle (Caisleán Chluain Damhna) is a Tudor castle built by the MacCoughlan clan in about 1500, and ceded to Henry VIII by John Óg MacCoghlan, then to Thomas Boleyn when Henry wanted to marry his daughter Anne. Mary and Elizabeth Boleyn, second cousins to Queen Elizabeth I, lived out their lives in this castle and their tombstone still stands on the castle grounds. The grave was discovered in 1803, approximately 100 yards from the castle. The inscription on the eight feet by four feet,

limestone flag reads: "Here under leys Elisabeth and Mary Bullyn, daughters of Thomas Bullyn, son of George Bullyn the son of George Bullyn Viscount Rochford son of Sir Thomas Bullyn Erle of Ormond and Willsheere (shared from Wikipedia) Both are interesting

Robert Devereux was a key figure in the Tudor court and served as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1573 to 1575. It was during this time that he hosted his cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, at Clonony Castle. The castle was also visited by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, who was a close friend and rumored lover of Elizabeth I. It is believed that the Boleyn sisters, Mary and Anne, also visited the castle during this time.

During the Irish Rebellion of 1641, the castle was attacked and damaged by Irish rebels. The castle was eventually restored in the 18th century by the Armstrong family. In the 19th century, the castle was once again damaged during the Irish Rebellion of 1848.

In the 20th century, the castle was owned by the Hackett family, who restored the castle to its former glory. Today, the castle is a popular tourist attraction and is open to visitors for tours and events. The castle remains a testament to the rich history of Ireland and its many notable owners, including the Boleyn sisters.

History is amazing. I started looking into the advanced history of Clonony Castle and came up with different stories. You have got to love history

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